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Are you a big Percy Jackson fan? Have you read all the books forward and backward, cover to cover? Do you get past all the trivia quizzes with not one question wrong? Are you obsessed and can't stop daydreaming about the demigods' adventures?

 You're just like me.

 And so, this site's for you. Here at "So You Wanna Be a Demigod", you will experience Camp Half-Blood right from your own home. You will do your training, and you will venture even more into the world of demigods and gods...learn their habits, thoughts, and their inner feelings that even Percy Jackson would not reveal in his journals...

If you have any questions, contact me at [email protected] Good luck in your training and i hope you get assigned to a quest as soon as possible!



P.S: I am not Mr. D, Camp Half-Blood's loyal (or not loyal?) director, nor Chiron (the activities director) I am just the runner of this site. So don't go around bragging, You'd be lying to the world.


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